By&nbspHenry Tamburin

In a prior report, I explained the insurance bet and why it is a undesirable bet for fundamental strategy players. In this post, I will concentrate on the “even money” proposition, which is equivalent to producing an insurance coverage bet when you have a blackjack hand.

Even income comes into play when you have a blackjack hand and the dealer’s upcard is an ace. When this happens, the dealer will ask you if you want “even funds.”

  • If you say “yes” she will instantly spend you even income on your wager, prior to she peeks at her hole card, and then location your cards in the discard tray. If you had wagered, say, $ten, the payoff is even cash or another $10.

Most players are perplexed when the dealer asks if they want even funds, and they usually will ask the dealer or another player for advice on what to do. The response is generally “take the even cash because you cannot drop.” That is simply because no matter what the dealer’s hole card happens to be, you won’t lose any funds, specially if the dealer has a ten in the hole for a blackjack.

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